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The Detroit Metro Skating Council is an Interclub Council for Figure Skating Clubs within the State of Michigan. All USFS member clubs within the State are eligible to apply. By joining, you will be able to leverage assistance and guidance from other member clubs within the State of Michigan and help set and accomplish goals within the Detroit Metro Skating Council’s charter. We meet monthly, typically the first Monday of the month, at 7:30 p.m. at the Detroit Skating Club.

What does the Detroit Metro Skating Council do?

A goal of DMSC is to foster amateur competition in figure skating. Under this charter, Detroit Metro Skating Council:

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IJS Mini-System

The Council owns two IJS Mini-Systems used for judging element identification, and video review at IJS competitions. Both systems are available for rental, with preference going to DMSC Member Clubs. A Technical Accountant selected from the DMSC list must be at the competition. The "A" system is the original system and has an expanded list of Technical Accountants. The "B" system is the Black Magic system, with a more restricted list of Technical Accountants. Contact Jim Achtenberg ( for information about both systems.